About Dannie De Novo

Dannie De Novo is an international bestselling author and podcast host, as well as a personal and corporate success coach, who has uniquely blended her own life and business experiences with her studies and the tutelage she has received from her mentors to develop a truly enlightened coaching program designed to epically change lives for the better.

Because Dannie’s path into the realm of coaching took her through a labyrinth of experiences from being a paramedic and fire fighter, to practicing as a business attorney, to motherhood and through a divorce, she realizes life’s journey is indeed just that—a journey. Combining these life experiences with her own adolescent and early-adulthood fight with depression, Dannie offers her clients sincere empathy along with a healthy and respectful dose of tenacity and tough love when needed. Dannie De Novo has successfully helped coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, consultants, designers and even political candidates attain the success they had been so doggedly trying to achieve but continually failed to do so without the help of strategic coaching.

Dannie is a published author and hosts a weekly podcast available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Click here to listen to Dannie’s podcast.